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The cultural capital of kerala, is famed for its vibrant festivals, historic landmarks and picturesque locales. Its one place- in the heart of kerala- where you will find the happy co-existence of tradition and modernism. Little wonder, this swashbuckling town of “Pooram” fame is home to those who want to live life differently and peacefully. It’s a place where every daybreak will be music to the ears.

Dreamz & Dezigns, a name that reflects luxury lifestyles, had been a revolutionary concept in Construction/ Consultancy industry for the last 15 years, envisioning to create a rich atmosphere for smart living in the city. Bound by values and driven by commitment, the company has earned the trust of its clientele, which keeps growing steadily.To list out the domain of operation in the industry, we have Residential apartments, Villas, Commercial complexes, industrial projects etc. 

We have over 375 proud and satisfied clients in Kerala, and have converted more than 12 lakh sq.ft of area into happy dwelling/business purposes.